Innovative steel
for a better engineered future

Constantly developing quality

Steel is a key component in the development of our society, and Ovako’s engineering steel is in demand from customers in industries such as bearings, transport and manufacturing. Ovako works constantly to develop the quality of the steel, thereby providing lighter and more environmentally friendly solutions to the company’s customers.

Through a competitive company structure and with motivated personnel we will continue to develop our business towards long-term sustained profitability, produce quality and provide services that satisfy our customers.

Quality Management Systems ensures high quality

Ovako applies Quality Management Systems to all company processes. The system is certified according to ISO 9001. In order to fulfill also the high demands from the automotive industries, some Ovako units have included the ISO/TS 16949 requirements in their quality management systems and are third-party certified.

For other demanding businesses that require third party approval those certificates are also collected by company. You’ll find the certificates here.

Meeting customers’ demands

Ovako continuously works at developing, producing and marketing products and services that satisfy our customers' needs whilst, at the same time, seeking to ensure that they are safe for the intended application.

Whenever possible, Ovako also actively participates in our customers' development work to optimize the environmental benefits offered by our steels.