Innovative steel
for a better engineered future
Research and development

Product development in close partnership with the customer

The development of new products and materials to meet customer needs is a constant objective at Ovako. This is part of the company’s strategy and a vital prerequisite for continued growth and development.

Steel is a key component in society and Ovako works constantly to improve the properties of its steel in order to provide lighter, greener solutions to the company’s customers.

R&D at Ovako is performed in networks specialized in steel manufacturing, metalworking and product characteristics. The cross-organizational networks bring together employees from various geographical and functional units focused on developing materials, production processes and customer applications.

Aimed at optimizing the advantages and uses of steel, Ovako takes an active role in its customers’ R&D if possible. Ovako strives to, in partnerships with customers, identify new application areas for the products or develop new products adapted to the customer’s identified needs.

By participating in its customers’ R&D, Ovako can contribute to developing new products and solutions that meet customer specifications and preferences for steel properties and performance.

The development projects carried out together with customers also provide an opportunity to identify the future market needs in order to develop products that meet those needs.

Sustainability and new technology are key components of the development process. By improved control of the company’s own processes Ovako can reduce the use of both energy and raw materials. The effort to develop stronger, cleaner materials also results in products that consume less energy, which by extension has positive environmental impact.