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Rolled and forged rings by Ovako reduce your need for further machining and associated maintenance costs and material waste, with longer lifespans and higher wear and corrosion resistance.

As a result of our quality control, manufacturers can simplify their production processes and reduce their costs because the rings are not only predictably consistent from batch to batch, but also easy to process further. Ovako produces profiled rings with very small allowances and tight tolerances close to the final shape of the end product. In addition, our machined rings enable you to concentrate resources on finishing and/or assembly. The dimensional range is 170–4000 mm and the weight range is 7–5000 kg. Forged rings are also supplied up to 3400 kg. Furthermore, Ovako can offer shot blasted rings of diameters up to 4000 mm and weights up to 5000 kg.

Parting of rings

Rings with lower widths than stated in the ringmill technical facts can often be rolled in multiples and parted. Ovako has a capable machine park for this purpose and expanded its parting capacity with an additional state-of-the-art parting technology and a packaging robot.

Machined rings

Ovako has relationships with several quality soft machining subcontractors and is growing fast in supplying semi-finished and finished machined rings. Single ring types or complete assortments can be supplied in these executions according to individual customer requirements with full traceability and, if desired, US testing.

A close profile means less machining

Depending on the desired shape of your final product, we can roll rings with very small allowances and tight tolerances. Near-net-shaped rings offer the buyer a total cost that is substantially less than other conventional methods of production.

A near-net-shaped ring can be up to 50% lighter than a cylindrical equivalent, while at the same time reducing machining time and waste through lower volume, chip production and handling. Some surfaces may require no further machining at all. Our rolled rings also demonstrate the expertise that Ovako has that few other manufacturers can match.









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Advantages of Ovako's rolled and forged rings

  • Near-net-shape rings substantially lower the cost of machining
  • Very small allowance
  • Tight tolerances
  • Lower weight
  • Less machining
  • Less waste
  • Stable quality with test carried out on every batch
  • Customised dimensions
  • Adaptable to optimal delivery needs
  • Wide range of products and grades
  • Ovako can handle large volume cutting requirements


As a producer of rolled and forged rings for almost a century, Ovako has a proven track record in this product niche. We strictly control the whole production chain, from melt to the rolling of the rings. Few ring producers can match our commitment to consistent quality from delivery to delivery.

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